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Inteligent drivers for SM

The smart microstepping drives are the right choice for all those applications which need an accurate motor control both in speed and position.

The built-in indexer is fully programmable by the user through easy and intuitive functional blocks.
The programming is made through the free software UDP Commander putting in sequence the various functional blocks. The graphic interface always assists the user in the application program writing. Besides the classic assignment and jump blocks (conditional and unconditional) there are also 32bits mathematic blocks which give to the product a great flexibility. The mathematic operations may be done on the internal registers as well as on the user application specific variables which can be freely created with a length of 1 byte, 2 bytes, 3 bytes or 4 bytes.
The debug tools are complete and allow to insert break points into the program, to advance instruction by instruction, to monitor in real time the value of variables and registers, etc.

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