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8Arms 11.3Apk 50Vdc microstepping driver

DC supplied, it can be easily integrated inside the equipments or on the panel through 4 holes on the card’s corners. 
The driver can be set to operate up to 25.600 step/rev in both binary and decimal mode. 
The wide range of power supply grants a correct working even with remarkable fluctuations in power supply voltage. 

Each input and output is optocoupled from the power stage and power supply. 
The inputs can be connected independently from the other to operate in PNP or NPN mode. Using an innovative current limiter circuit it is possible to apply to the inputs voltage from 3Vdc up to 30Vdc maintaing a low constant input current value. This allows to drive the inputs with CMOS/TTL voltage level, 0-12Vdc or 0-24Vdc. The inputs can also be driven using differential line driver technology. 

The driver is able to signal the presence of pulses on the STEP input, the status active or disabled, etc. 

The diagnostics is complete and univocally signals the presence of every single condition which prevents the correct operativity of the driver. 
Particularly appreciated is the break motor phase diagnostics. 

Designed for high quantity OEM applications, this driver is the ideal choice for its effective low-cost.

  • Maximum power supply voltage up to 50Vdc
  • Phase current up to 8Arms (11.3Apk)
  • Decimal and binary resolution up to 25,600 step/rev
  • Step frequency over 300KHz
  • Chopper frequency over 20KHz
  • Automatic current reduction settable in time and percentage
  • Optocoupled and differential I/O, independently NPN or PNP usable
  • Inputs working from 3Vdc up to 30Vdc
  • Differential line driving supported
  • BOOST input for the dynamic current control to the motor
  • Complete diagnostics with univocal indication for each anomaly
  • Break motor phase diagnostics
  • DUP port for setting and diagnostics in real time
  • Mounting through 4 holes placed on the corners of the board
  • Connections on screw terminal block
  • Low cost

  • Výrobce: LAM technologies
  • Max.napětí (V): 50
  • Max.proud (A): 8
  • Mód provozu: Bipolar
  • Montáž: Open design

Dostupnost: NA DOTAZ

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162,44 € (134,25 € bez DPH)

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