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1,2Apk 42Vdc bipolar driver

Designed to be directly mounted on the circuit board, it is a component suitable for the bipolar driving of stepper motors. 

Its compact size allows to integrate one or more drivers together with the control electronics, the power supply, etc. on one only board. 

The current is accurately regulated through a chopper system which use in the output stage high efficiency power mosfet. The proprietary control algorithm grants low ripple and optimal current regulation in any condition of load. 

Automatic functions and various integrated protections allow to use the driver with the addition of only a few external parts.
  • Maximum power supply voltage 42Vdc
  • Phase current 1.2A
  • Resolution selection between full and half step mode
  • Change resolution "on the fly" without lost of position
  • Logic signal TTl/CMOS compatible
  • Chopper frequency over 20KHz
  • Automatic current reduction
  • ENABLE input to turn off the power stage
  • STANDBY input for the dynamic current control
  • Internal pull-up resistors on each input
  • Phase-to-phase short circuit protection
  • Phase-to-ground short circuit protection
  • Phase-to-positive short circuit protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Compact size

  • Výrobce: LAM technologies
  • Max.napětí (V): 42
  • Max.proud (A): 1.2
  • Mód provozu: Bipolar
  • Montáž: PCB

Dostupnost: NA DOTAZ

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