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16A 60Vdc unregulated power supply

Featured with compact size and easy mounting on DIN rail, it is a low voltage power supply useful to get DC voltage from the output of a transformer. 
Provided for working both with single phase and three phase inputs, it represents the ideal solution to supply drivers and other devices working at low voltage. 

The connection is through removable, colored and numbered, terminal blocks for a quick and simple wiring. 
On the frontal panel there is a supply status led indicator. 
A particular electronic circuit grants a quick filter capacitor discharge in absence of input voltage.

  • Single phase or three phase AC input
  • Circuit for quick filter capacitor dischage
  • Power On led indicator
  • Easy DIN rail installation
  • Connections on removable terminal block
  • IP20-compliant construction
  • Compact size

  • Výrobce: LAM technologies

Dostupnost: NA DOTAZ

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99,98 € (82,63 € bez DPH)

  • DS1044

    Producer:LAM technologies
    139,15 €

  • OS1048

    Producer:LAM technologies
    162,44 €

  • OS1044

    Producer:LAM technologies
    116,92 €

  • DS1048

    Producer:LAM technologies
    184,68 €

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